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BREASTFEEDING CAN BE                      .

Yet for many women, by the time baby is 6 months old, more than

80% will end their breastfeeding journey prematurely.


And it's not because they want to stop. It's because they experience

unbearable nipple pain and other challenges.

     Low milk volume

     Breast refusal

     Breast engorgement


     Fast flow


Founded by Dr. Robyn Thompson, a midwife of nearly 50 years, 

The Thompson Method is a gentle, natural approach that helps women prevent or overcome common breastfeeding complications.

With evidence-based guidance and gentle support,

Ayla will teach you to...

     Relieve & reduce the risk of painful nipples

     Discover the most comfortable breastfeeding position for you & baby

     Increase your breast milk volume

     Express your breast milk without discomfort, either by hand or with a breast pump

     Maintain your breast milk supply

     Be confident & in control of your breastfeeding!

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"Ayla was so amazing and helpful teaching us about all things breastfeeding and birth. I felt so much more confident going into my breastfeeding journey with my son...I’m so thankful for the feeling of preparedness and knowing we could come to Ayla with any questions or concerns. She was certainly a blessing
to our family...Thank you!"

Nicole | 2024

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